ConstructionSkills - Main Course Prospectus

To re-design the main ConstructionSkills Course Prospectus, containing each and every course on offer, across 11 different campuses, spanning all subjects, from general cosstruction activities to management and leadership training.

An entirely new method of displaying course dates was required, to avoid the old method of listing each and every date of each and every course, causing the page count to expand dramatically!

The finished document follows the ConstructionSkills branding style, using colour schemes and imagery in keeping with the individual departments. The layout enables all information to digested quickly and clearly, along with the new tabular format of date listings providing quick and easy reference for any potential candidates.

The 300 page document received high praise from all at ConstructionSkills, making it significantly easier for course bookers to assingn courses to candidates. Twelve regional prospectuses were also created, listing courses by individual campus.


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